Friday, 23 August 2013

under my peaceful tree

SUMMER JOB IS OVER! and it's a bitter-sweet feeling, I LOVE MY JOB, but i needed a break!!! so now i have a week to do whatever i want, spinning, reading, weaving, blogging and simply enjoying the last bit of ma vacations! also, i'm getting back to freddy in a week, were starting school on the 3th, I am soooo excited to see everyone again!!! i missed my artsy girls. so my schedule is (myth and magic, spinning, sewing, entrepreneurship, painting, and a 3D construction class) anywayz i am off for a cozy supper with my girl-friends so talk to you guys soon, chow xoxo

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Working spot

My forecasting / Sewing spot! 
This is where i do most of my research, this is also the place were i do pretty much all of my sewing and of course all while drink tea (: This is one of the only place where i can really get some alone time! And this is where i am planning on spending my Thursday tonight (updating my blog, checking blogs, and also trying to get some inspirations for some new knitting projects!!!! keep checking for updates on my blog later in the evening! chow xo