Twisted fibers

Preview of some yarns i spun over Christmas break!

here are some balled yarns that I've spun in the past month that i really loved

 I never tough I'd love the drum carder like i did TODAY.
such pretty colors, i can't wait to see how it spins (:

Chestnut and teal

Black merino carded with some mohair

Teal and pear - Single ply

This is where i find peace, outside, enjoying this beautiful day with my kiwi and a bag of wool! i've been spinning for almost 6months now, and i got to say i really found a new passion. I really LOVE it! Some exciting news; i'm going to my very first spinning retreat this fall, in P.E.I! Me and a bunch of fibre geeks, it's gonna be SOOO much fun! Also .. i am taking a spinning class this year at school which i am really looking forward to! anywayz i have to go to bed, chow bloggers. xo
dying wool on the BBQ is my new favorite thing!
 enjoying the sun with a coffee, (i call it perfection)
So i did 3 dye pots, #1 sun-yellow and chestnut #2 pear and sangria #3 teal and chestnut i don't know about you guys, but these three dye pots really match all together! what do you think? :) keep checking for the spinning results.  

This is some '' Merino wool '' dyed with some teal and pear! To the right you have the wool in simple roving form and on the left you have the spun result. 
I got to say i am really happy with this mix of color!!!

Dyed with Turkey red and chestnut!!!! 

My grandmother's, mother's spinning wheel!!!!! over a 100years old!
now trying to make it functional ......

made a few dye pots this afternnon .....

My spinning girls ....... every week at school we get together and we drink tea and we make yarn! some times it's beer but just on special occasions, haha. We get together and we just enjoy each others company, and sometimes we can learn a few things from each other :) Go check out one of my favorite spinner

And finally my own wheel..

before and after being painted

My wheel is HOME!!!!!!

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